Deaf baby gets hearing aid. The moment he hears mom for the 1st time has stunned the Internet

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There is something incredibly sweet about babies and their constant state of amazement, as they experience the many joys of life for the first time.

In Oklahoma, 3-month-old Archer recently had one of his firsts: the life-changing experience of hearing his parents voice for the very first time.

At only 3 weeks old, doctors detected that Archer had a permanent moderate-to-severe hearing loss in both of his ears. Determined to find a solution, Archer’s parents, Taryn and Drew Ruiz, turned to modern technology to help their sweet, little boy. 

After waiting two long months, Archer was fitted for tiny corrective hearing aids to increase his ability to hear sound.

Below, Archer’s family documents his life-altering moment, as he wears his hearing aids for the first time. With wide eyes, Archer is astonished, experiencing a whole new world of sound, and life, he never knew before.

You can hear Archer’s proud parents cooing at the boy and even singing a catchy song to him. His mother, Taryn, holds Archer with tears of joy, realizing the profound significance of this moment.

Archer’s sparkling bright, blue eyes and charming smile are full of life in the heartwarming and emotional video below:

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