Female Officer Starts Pumping Gas When Someone Comes Up From Behind

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"Yes, I'm the one with the gun on my hip while he stood there empty handed, but he for sure had my '6' while my back was turned. With all the terror going on nationwide, this reassured me there are still some pretty awesome individuals out there!"

Many readers praised Zoellner for his thoughtful gesture toward the officer.

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE this story," one Mad World News reader commented on the site's Facebook page. "To the parents of this young man, Thank you for raising an amazing young man. To the young man, Thank you for being AWESOME. I hope this story sets an example for our youth. I fully support law enforcement, as two of my nephews are police officers. May God bless you ALL and keep you safe."

"This young man and his mother can be very proud and i think what he did proves that his parents have brought up their children with deep honest respect for others.and this young man kept watch was just so sad that in todays messed up world that truely good people are still willing to stand up for whats right and you just cant buy that type of conduct its learned thank you both," another wrote.


"See people all teens aren't bad, actually there are probably a lot of good kids out there doing good things, but being the people we are we only notice or report the bad things, kudos to the good ones and the parents who are doing their best to raise good kids," another added.

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