Mom Lets Her Hair Grow For 30 Years, Gets Makeover That Leaves Her Unrecognziable

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As women, we always put our loved ones first and ourselves last. For Mitsy, that habit lasted more than 30 years. That meant that her appearance and style was a bit outdated to say the least. 

Instead of taking caring of and pampering herself, she let her hair and wardrobe get out of control. So, to celebrate the 201st makeover segment on her show, Rachael Ray invited Mitsy on and offered her the makeover of a lifetime!

Mitsy could not believe that Rachael Ray selected her for a makeover. Before the makeover began, Mitsy told the Rachael Ray Show crew that a new look was something she desperately needed.

The busy mom knew she needed to pay more attention to herself. Even though she was excited about it, such a drastic change made her a bit apprehensive. But she was more than ready!

"My hair is so long it's down to my knees.... I don't take time out for me."

Thankfully, Marie Claire editor Zanna Roberts Rassi was there to take her shaggy look and turn it into one fit for a beautiful modern woman. Not only did Mitsy receive a fresh new haircut, but Zanna also peeked at her wardrobe and replaced the tie-dye tees and "mom jeans" with adorable outfits from this decade!

By the time Mitsy sat down in the hairstylist's chair, she was more than ready. Zanna detailed Mitsy's excitement for a new "do."

It was thrilling to finally have someone look out for her for once. It was a pampering experience that Mitsy deserved.  

"She was totally ready for it - and she was embracing it. But the amount of hair we cut off.... it was kind of incredible!"

The moment Mitsy walked on stage, her mother Mary, Zanna and Rachael were all taken aback by the final product. Mitsy looked like a brand new woman and now had the confidence to match!

Take a peek at the incredible transformation for yourself in the video below. This is just the beginning of a wonderful chapter in Mitsy's life! She's always been beautiful on the inside and outside, she's now just an updated version of the wonderful woman she is.

See for yourself how amazing her transformation is both physically and emotionally.

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